NeoBoard is an eye-catching media with internal lighting for multiple announcments of specials of the day, promotions and special offers. It is especially suitable for the writing of ads, formulas, scientific conclusions, messages and announcements. The lighting reacts with the special markers, and the message starts glowing!


NeoBoard draws attention to your messages. Each board is delivered with a colored fluorescent marker (other colors are also available) and a cleaning sponge.

NeoBoard can be hung on the wall vertically or horizontally. It is extremelly easy to use - just plug it in the current, and the writing starts to glow.

Technical data:

Model White light
Capacity 5,5 W
Weight 2.9 kg
Size 70 50 cm.
The boards are powered through a 12V adaptor.

NeoBoard is offered with a black border. After the wish of the client, the border can be painted in a different color, or an additional frame (painting frame) can be attached.